Funeral for Fred Kruger - Friday 14th June 2013 - Rustenburg

It is with great sadness that I send you this message.
We heard on Saturday morning that Fred Kruger had
passed away from an aneurysm on Friday night.
He has gone to be with his Son. We have had a message for Sue,
his wife with the funeral details below. Please spare a thought
and a prayer for the Kruger Family and his loved ones in this time of mourning.

If you are able to make the service, please note that the dress code will be
Association Blazer, Tie, Beret and Medals.

Fred was dedicated to his Family and to the Brotherhood of Paratroopers.
He embraced life and felt deeply for all that he knew and fellow Para's.
He was the prime mover in the establishment of our Wall of Honour at the
Museum of Military History in Saxonwold, Johannesburg, where we will
now Honour him, by placing his name on that same Wall. He served with
pride and distinction and gave freely and willingly of his time, effort and finances,
for the benefit of the Brotherhood and never wanting or expecting anything in return.
Even though he was often far from us, he maintained close contact and was always
willing to lend a helping hand.
I cannot sum up this Man in one message so I am not even going to try
save to say that he was a good Friend and a Brother to all of us that knew him.

He was our Sergeant-General, (an unofficial rank given to him, as Sergeant-Major
was simply just not high enough a position he needed to have, for all the functions
he arranged and wanted to arrange for us and all the people he wanted to include.)

Go in Peace Fred, I am sure that the Airborne Brotherhood on the other side
were on parade to welcome you on your arrival there. You will be sorely missed.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We Will Remember Him.


I am sorry to have to inform you that Fred passed away June 7th.
The Church Service is to be held on Friday 14th June 2013,
at Philadelphia Gemeente,
(Rustenburg Waterfall Mall, opposite KFC) at 11.00

Kind Regards,